The Many Benefits of Reading Books

The world is a hectic place and our days are only getting busier! It’s become increasingly easy to push reading aside to tend to other priorities or distractions

But let me tell you – the MANY benefits of reading books should inspire us to head over to the bookstore, library, or our Kindle app.

You might already love to read but did you know that reading can actually improve our health and make us better humans?

In this post, we’re going to cover all the wonderful benefits of reading books.

If you’ve made the recent commitment to read more or to make books a part of your everyday life, then I hope this list helps you stay committed to your goals!

How Reading Books Can Benefit Us

1. Reading books increases empathy

This benefit is by far my favorite one. When you delve into a good book, you see the unique problems, circumstances, and situations of every major character.

You enter their world and are offered a glimpse into their worldview, too.

You may read about things you’ve never personally encountered in your own life, and that right there can help you see the world in a different light. That’s priceless! 

That helps us to be more empathetic to the people we encounter.

With regular reading, you can be introduced to topics you have no previous experience with, thus improving your own emotional intelligence.

This teaches us more about the human condition and increases our humanity; something the world can only benefit from. 

2. Reading can make you a better writer

This is another favorite benefit of mine. Stephen King has famously said that to be a better writer, you must always be reading.

He believes that “Reading is the creative center of a writer’s life”. And who am I to disagree with such a prolific writer?!

Through reading, the aspiring writer can garner new ideas for plots, get inspiration for a great story, improve upon the character development in their novel, and get new information on topics to write about.

If you wish to become a better fiction writer, reading books by other authors should be a top priority!

4. It can help you learn about the world and expose you to different cultures

Tired of staying in your comfort zone but have no time or budget to travel? That’s what great books are for!

Books can expose you to a separate time and place.

You can read about characters that come from entirely different cultures and backgrounds; it’s an excellent way to explore the world and the people who live in it.

Travel to 19th-century England with Jane Austen or step into 1930’s America with Harper Lee!

5. It can be your escape from a stressful world

Stress reduction is one of the best benefits of reading books.

The act of reading fiction serves as escapism as it helps you mentally leave the confines of your own life while thrusting you into a world you’re unfamiliar with.

Page by page, you can learn about fascinating people and travel to places you’ve never been.

Pick up a classic novel like Great Expectations or delve into historical fiction and suddenly you’re living in an entirely different century.

That’s what a good read does: it transports you. It challenges you and helps you grow.

Perhaps more importantly, it lets you escape when you need to reduce your stress levels. You’re no longer thinking about your own life, but of someone else’s.

6. Helps improve your communication skills 

Would you like to improve how you communicate both socially and in the workplace?

Become an avid reader!

Books have been shown to have a positive impact on language development and communication skills.

Regular reading can help you expand your vocabulary and introduce you to new and improved ways of communicating what you mean and feel.

Whether you’re reading literary fiction or non-fiction books, you’ll be surprised at all the new words and phrases you come across. 

Pick up a few books today to help with your vocabulary expansion! You’ll be much better for it.

7. Reading can improve social relationships

​Have you ever thought of starting or joining a book club? You should!

Book clubs bring people together and thus help improve mood, too.

If you love to read and are also craving more socializing, try looking for a book club that suits your reading tastes. You might just meet your new best friend!

Many bonds have been formed over the discussion of a good book, after all.

8. It can help improve memory

Numerous studies have shown that regular reading can help with increased attention span and help slow down mental decline.

Reading a good novel or a nonfiction book can improve memory improvement.

9. Reading can help make you more knowledgeable

It’s no secret that reading more can increase your knowledge about the world and even open your mind to a different way of thinking.

If you’re looking to learn new things or would like to be exposed to new ideas, then pick up a book and get started!

There is something to be learned in every book.

If you’re interested in expanding your reading life, I hope you see that the benefits of reading books are numerous and can help expand your worldview, too.

I hope this list gives you more reasons to read and head to your local bookstore or your Kindle app!

If you’re currently in a reading slump, my post on How to Get Out of a Reading Slump gives several tips on getting out of it!

10. Provides a Break from Technology

These days, it seems we’re always glued to our smartphones. When you read a physical book, you can escape the distractions of your phone or laptop, and simply melt into the pages as you read.

It helps you stay focused and can even feel nostalgic!

Good luck and happy reading!

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