Hi there! Listed below are the tools and supplies I recommend for use with succulents, houseplants, and general gardening activities.

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Gardening tools for Succulents

Liquid Kelp Natural Seaweed Fertilizer 32oz.

Liquid Fertilizer:

I personally use liquid kelp fertilizer for my succulents and houseplants and even in my small vegetable garden. I like that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals so it’s gentler on plants and it does its job well! I always moisten the soil first before applying fertilizer.

To cover larger areas in your garden, you can use granular fertilizer, like the one listed below.

Down To Earth 6-Pound Vegan Mix 3-2-2 7822

Watering Squeeze Bottle

I use a watering squeeze bottle for smaller succulent pots, succulent crafts, and succulent arrangements. You can also use watering squeeze bottle on your houseplants. I like the control it gives – it’s easier NOT to overwater with this tool.

Soil Moisture Meter

This might be my favorite gardening tool! It tells you how moist your soil is based on a scale of dry to wet and it also measures pH. It’s pretty neat for those times when you want to see how dry your soil is several inches deep into the ground or pot. Highly recommend this to every hobby gardener!

I use this moisture meter and intend to try this popular one as well.

Grow Lamps and Grow Lights

Here are a few very popular options of grow lights that can be used to succulents, houseplants, seed trays, and more. People love that they’re easy to use – just clip them onto your desk or table and let them do their job! Read the instructions carefully and make sure to place your succulents a few inches away from artificial light to avoid burns.

Another old-favorite amongst people who use the help of grow lights is the T5 florsecent bulb that you can hang above your plants. It’s useful for people who grow lots of plants indoors. You can find those at your local chain home improvement store.

Cactus Mix aka succulents soil

Cactus mix is easy to find at local garden centers but here’s a link in case you need to purchase online.

Shade Cloth for Plants

Shade cloth works well for shielding your plants from the sun on very hot days where they’re likely to get sunburned and dehydrated. If you can’t move your pots to the shade or want to cover your in-gound succulents, shade cloth comes in really handy.

Terra cotta pots

I love terra cotta pots because they’re breathable which is great for the root system of a succulent plus I think the earthy feel is pretty cool, too.

A great pair of pruners

Every gardener needs a good pair of shears, especially if you work with woody plants and shrubs like roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and lilacs.

Pruning Shears , Garden Clippers.

Super Sprouter 72 Cell )

Stainless Steel Garden Trowel

Shovel – 28″ Fiberglass Handle

Professional Rose Pruning Thornproof Gardening Gloves with Extra Long Forearm Protection

Here’s some recommended soil mixes for seed starting!

Premier Horticulture Organic Seed Starter Mix


This online plant nursery happens to be the largest in the nation. Their employees are so helpful, so if you have a question about one of their products or need some guidance, just ask via their online chat! Nature Hills carries a beautiful collection of Lilacs, and that’s reason enough to visit their site! If you like shopping online for your perennials, make sure to check them out!