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Anthuriums: How To Care for This Long-Blooming and Tropical Houseplant

Looking for a flowering houseplant? Look no further than the tropical anthurium. Anthurium plants, also known as “Flaming Flower”, are one of the most beautiful…

How to Care for a ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are incredible. I looked for the perfect one for quite a while. When I found the size I wanted, I snatched it up and it’s been heaven ever since. If you’re a houseplant aficionado, you know what I’m…

How to Grow Echinacea Coneflowers

I really hope you’re prepared to fall in love this low-maintenance perennial! Echinacea aka Coneflower is one of my absolute favorite flowers to grow in the garden. It’s among my tried-and-true plants and one I’d recommend to gardening beginners in…

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