10 Colorful Perennials that Bloom in the Fall

Spring and Summer aren’t the only seasons in which flowers bloom; some of the prettiest flowers bloom in the Fall. 

If the thought of summer’s end sends you into a panic because you’ll have to say goodbye to your gorgeous low-maintenance perennials, then this list is going to perk you right up!

Your garden can indeed continue to produce blooms into Winter. The trick is to choose your plants wisely and plant them at the appropriate time.

All the flowers below show off their blooms in the Fall. You’ll love their rich, generous color that will complement the reddish-brown foliage of your other Autumnal plants and trees. 

Fall is my absolute favorite season, and Fall-blooming plants are a big reason for that.

Fall gardens are not only beautiful, but they also give you the opportunity to extend your gardening hobby a few more weeks out of the year.

If that’s not good news, I don’t know what is! Let’s take a look at the list below.

Perennials That Bloom in the Fall

1. Garden Chrysanthemums

Garden Mum is one of the VERY BEST flowers for Fall color. If you’re looking for a showy flower, this is it!

Their tightly-packed flower petals and deep color make them a visual delight, and they can be found in several different shades.

Make sure to plant chrysanthemums in full sun (they need 6 hours of direct sunlight daily). They can withstand winter temperatures if you plant them in the spring, which would give them enough time to establish their roots.

If you plant them in late Summer, they will probably only last one season, so treat them as an annual flower that you’ll have to replant next year; don’t worry, though, they’re worth it!

Chrysanthemums are beautiful Fall Perennials - check out this list!

2. Asters

These beautiful yellow and purple domes asters below feature striking color and a small yellow center.

Similar to daisies, purple domes are perfect for livening up a garden and they can be used as ground covers, too.

These beauties bloom from late Summer to mid-Fall and they attract butterflies!

Grow them in full sun or partial shade and provide them with fertile soil.

They look gorgeous next to Garden Mums and can be planted in the ground or used in containers.

These fall perennials are stunning and colorful!

3. Russian Sage

Russian Sage will add height and texture to your garden. It’s one of the most low-maintenance perennials around.

This herbaceous perennial produces interesting spike-like clusters of lavender/purple flowers that grow vertically on tall stems.

Russian Sage grows in the Summer but will continue to bloom into Fall.

Make sure to provide it with full sun and moist soil. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for something to grow alongside your rock garden or along the border of your lawn or driveway.

Russian Sage makes a beautiful Fall perennial!
Russian Sage

4. Autumn Fire Sedum

If you like filling your garden with tall plants, then you should give the Autumn Fire Sedum a try! This plant can be found in shades of pink, red and white. 

Autumn Fire Sedum is a very hardy perennial which means it can withstand less than ideal growing conditions.

If you’re a gardening beginner, this plant should be on your list.

The green foliage mixed with a soft shade of burgundy is definitely a sight to see.

Autumn Sedume makes a low-maintenance Fall perennial for the garden!
Autumn Fire Sedum

5. Japanese Anemone

The Japanese Anemone is one of the longest-blooming perennials you can grow. It’ll start to bloom in late summer and continue to bloom throughout the fall season.

Its sharp-white petals and yellow center can brighten up even the dullest garden.

Better yet, this fall-blooming perennial is pretty resistant to insects! It’ll need full sun and well-drained, moist soil.

Check out this list of Fall perennials!
Japanese Anemone

6. Solidago (Fireworks Goldenrod)

If you crave autumnal foliage that can be used as ground cover, then Fireworks Goldenrod is a perfect choice. It’ll serve as a wonderful complement to your flowers that produce delicate blooms.

Plus, no Fall garden is really complete without some muted yellow hues!

This shrub bursts with small golden flowers in early Fall and the shape of it looks like an actual firework!

Check out this list of beautiful Fall perennials!

7. Echinacea aka Coneflower

Here’s a garden classic. Coneflowers are incredibly easy to care for, just make sure you keep the foliage dry to avoid diseases like grey mold.

You can find Coneflowers in different shapes, with the most popular being the Purple Coneflower.

Coneflowers are beloved for their large yellow cone centers and petals that turn downward.

They’re certainly a sight to see! For a step-by-step guide on caring for Coneflowers, you can head to my post about How to Grow Echinacea Coneflowers.

Check out this list of beautiful Fall-blooming Perennials!

8. Joe Pye Weed (Eutrochium purpureum)

Joe Pye Weed will be one of the most interesting-looking perennials in your garden.

Its green foliage gives way to clusters of pink or white tiny flower petals that stand atop stems that can grow anywhere from 3 to 6 feet tall, depending on the variety you buy.

This plant needs full sun but won’t need very much water. Joe Pye Weed is among the hardiest of perennials so it’s perfect for gardening beginners.

Check out this list for beautiful Fall perennial ideas!
Joe Pye Weed

9. Red Jewel Helenium

Red Jewel Helenium is another striking perennial that will fill your garden with rich Autumnal colors like deep-red and orange.

Its flower petals are interesting in shape, too. I love the large center -it reminds me of Echinacea coneflowers!

Red Jewel Heleniums are similar to daisies but they’re far prettier to look at in the Fall!

This treasure blooms from July to October and can grow up to 36 inches tall. It’ll need full sun and average soil.

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10. Colchicum

Did you think pinkish-lavender flowers were reserved for summer or spring gardens?

You’ll be glad to know that the Colchicum produces pink blooms all throughout Fall!

This flower’s interesting foliage sprouts in the Spring and then goes dormant during summer, only to sprout back up with its beautiful blooms in early fall!

Grow it in full sun or part shade and give it the opportunity to fill your garden with a little Spring color!

Take a peek at this list of colorful Fall perennials for your garden!

Now that you’ve made it through this list of 10 prettiest perennials that bloom in the fall, I hope you’re inspired to tend to your garden past the summer season.

I personally feel that gardening brings joy to so many of us, and that’s why I think it’s important to do it all year round. 

Remember, if you know which plants are suited for Fall and Winter, you’ll always have some type of bloom or foliage growing in your garden.

For a list of full sun perennials, check out this post so that you’re prepared to start planting or seed sowing come the end of fall!

Also check out this post on lilac bushes and peonies, which do best when planted in the Fall. 

Happy Gardening! 


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