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The best thing about bullet journaling – apart from the fact that it helps you stay organized – is getting to create all sorts of fun lists!

As a lover of books, my favorite list or “collection” is the book tracker/ reading list.

I think reading regularly can make you a better writer and a more introspective person all around.  

If one of your New Year’s resolutions or goals for the year was to read more books, then you should definitely keep a book log.

Call it what you will – book tracker, book log, reading list, to-read list – it’s an excellent way to keep track of what books you’ve read, what books you intend to read, and even what you loved about them and how many stars you’d rate them.

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Keep your reading list or reading challenge organized with the help of a book tracker! These bullet journalists have created some pretty neat neat book trackers for their bullet journal, check them out!


If all this talk about books has you excited and ready to reach for your Kindle, then you’ll LOVE the #bujo images below: these talented bullet journalists have created a book tracker that works for them, and they’re all brilliant in their own way.

As with any other bullet journal spread, you’ll want to experiment and include what works for you and your schedule.

You do NOT have to make your book tracker fancy-looking or intricate. If you’re a minimalist –  a few simple lines or columns will do.

However, if you’re inspired by beautiful images and enjoy sitting down at your desk to draw in your bujo, then creating an artistic tracker is something you’ll probably be tempted to do.

Afterall, a beautiful spread can only serve as motivation to keep reading, right?  

Without further ado’, here are 11 different book trackers to try. Let’s delve into why they’re special!



This book tracker by @whatevamakes is all about the 2018 reading challenge – which I’d recommend to ANYONE who’s looking to squeeze in more reading this year.

Doing a reading challenge like this is an excellent way to push yourself and keep yourself motivated to actually meet your goals.

The right-hand page of this tracker has space for the title and the author of the books you’ve read. Make your tracker more colorful by adding your favorite highlighters into the mix like this bullet journalist did!

TIP: You don’t have to choose your books all at once- you can take your time in making this decision because you might change your mind more frequently than you think.



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This tracker created last year by @queenplannerfreak is a spread that would satisfy any minimalist. All that’s needed is a good black pen!

NOTE: I recommend an erasable black pen because if you make a mistake, you can still maintain the integrity of your spread.

To add some color to the tracker, simply write the book titles in with a different color erasable pen. This tracker is perfect for the beginner bullet journalist because it’s simple and can be completed in just a few minutes.

When you’re finished with a book, make sure to fill in the box beside the title.


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This spread by@bujo_nao is so neat and clean – there’s absolutely no fuss or pretension about it! In fact, you don’t even need to use a ruler to replicate it if you don’t want to.

If you like the look of perfectly straight lines, however, – a 6 inch ruler is the way to go – it’s perfectly suited for your standard medium-sized bullet journal notebook.

This very simple spread has the book title on one column, and the author name on the next column. Add a little flair by highlighting every other row in your favorite color like this bullet journalist did.



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This book tracker by @naomi.artstagram mixes simplicity with a little creativity. Books drawn at the bottom of the page next to a cup of tea will make this page stand out as the most intellectual in your bullet journal, haha.

No lines or columns are needed in this spread – just simple writing and a few small boxes to measure completion of each book.

TIP: Try adding some hand lettering at the top of the page to beautify your tracker – it’s the perfect opportunity to add more lettering to your journal. If you don’t know how to hand letter, here are some easy tutorials.



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This book tracker by @faithplanns works on a rating system – which is a wonderful idea that will help you remember how you feel about each book.

This tracker lists the title of the book, the author, and the rating, all on one page. If you want to go even further, you can include your favorite quote in the book, or the name of your favorite character.



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Try this book tracker if you like lists and want to make a long list of what you intend to read this year! This spread by @iwanttobulletjournal thrives on simplicity and minimalism.

When you’re done reading a book you can simply highlight the title, cross it out, or include a check mark next to it.



This spread by @kgw_creative is so creative and a personal favorite! The bullet journalist drew blank books on a bookshelf because that’s where she’ll write in the title of each book.

This bookshelf includes 21 books, which means she intends to read 21 books this year – an admirable goal. The addition of the luggage and globe serve as a wonderful reminder that to read a book is to take a journey to places you never thought you’d visit!



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This next spread by @theunreadshelf  also features the Modern Mrs. Darcy reading challenge. The left page includes a print-out of the challenge, while the right page houses reading stats about the book’s format, whether it’s a fiction or non-fiction title, and information about the authors.

Get inspired by this bullet journalist and leave room for stats regarding each book’s genre, whether the author is male or female, whether it had any historical significance, won a prestigious book award, or made the New York Times Best Sellers List!

Including information like this can help you highlight anything you want to remember about the book and why its special to you.



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If you want to create a book tracker that features a bookshelf but need a simple way to do it, this tracker shows you how. In fact, you don’t even need to use a ruler if you don’t want to.  Give yourself enough space to draw in as many books as you plan to read, and just add a little color by using your favorite highlighters.

This bullet journalist is tracking information such as the date she started reading the book, what rating she gives it, what quotes she wants to remember, and any important notes she gathered from it.  @thatbujolife shows us that you can customize a book tracker so that it works for you!



Here’s another tracker featuring the ever-popular Mrs. Darcy Challenge! This book tracker by @oak.tree.journaling is simple yet so pretty with its pops of blue and red.

This bullet journalist is tracking the books that she’s “Reading For Fun” as well as those she’s “Reading For Growth”, which is what the 2017 Mrs. Darcy reading Challenge was comprised.

Add a little art to the spread with an artistic heading at the top of the pages, as shown below. You can even add your favorite stickers if you’re not artistically inclined!



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This spread by @sarahmspeed_ features a bookshelf with cute little doodles of a cupcake, coffee mug, a succulent plant, two candles, and a vase with roses. She drew over 30 books, so she definitely plans to do some major reading this year!



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Now that you’ve seen a few bullet journal book trackers, I hope you feel ready to create your own – one that will suit your needs and motivate you to keep reading! Remember that a tracker never needs to be artistic or visually stimulating, just do what works for you and what keeps you coming back to your bullet journal day after day. Happy reading!

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