9 Gorgeous Daily Spread Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

Looking to buckle down on your productivity this year with the help of a bullet journal?

Daily spreads are the workhorse of your journal!

A daily spread essentially serves as your to-do list for the day and helps to keep you focused on your priorities. As you may already know, the wonderful thing about a bullet journal is that it’s customizable, which means that what works for me might not necessarily work for you.

That’s why it’s so important to try out different spreads so that you can see what works best for your needs, and what leaves you feeling more creative and productive.



Take ideas from these daily spreads if you're looking to track your habits and organize your daily schedule! #bulletjounalideas #bulletjournal #bulletjournaldailylayout


9 Gorgeous Daily Spread Ideas for Your Bullet Journal


Try these daily spreads if you're looking to stay more organized with your bullet journal and kick-start productivity!
Try these daily spreads if you're looking to stay more organized with your bullet journal and accomplish your goals!

Whenever I  need some inspiration for my monthly, weekly, or daily spreads, I take to Instagram to see what other bullet journalists are doing. It’s the best way to get new ideas, especially if you haven’t been journaling for very long.

In my opinion, daily spreads can get boring if all you do is jot down your notes like a bullet list and then cross out each task when you’ve completed them. Why not spend a few extra minutes creating something that you enjoy looking at? It can only help to motivate you.

Plus, there are so many things you can add to your daily spread, as these ingenious bullet journalists showcase in the images below. Let’s take a look!



These creative daily spreads will give you the motivation you need to knock your dailies out of the ball park!


This spread by @planningwithkay is simple yet so creative. She doesn’t use an entire page for her dailies, which obviously works for her, and you can see that she didn’t create a daily spread every day of the week.

Sometimes that happens – you might not need to create one every single day, and that’s totally fine.

Kay added brush lettering, pops of blue, green and purple, and cute little succulents for some detail.


Tanya proves that it’s totally acceptable to get creative with your daily spreads – you don’t have to reserve that your monthly spreads!

I think having a daily with some fun doodles or a festive theme can definitely help boost your motivation. There’s just something about a decorated spread that makes you feel better about your to-do list.

@twinklytanya  is obviously a talented artist, but you can replicate something similar with the use of stickers, washi tape, and even stencils, or magazine cut-outs. Tanya also has a pretty cool YouTube channel with tutorials, which you can check out here. 


How simple and clean is this daily spread from @honey.tea.paper?! I love it because it’s something that even a beginner can do.

Make it pretty by using different color pens the way this journalist did: brown, teal, and black. Two days on one page works well for this bullet journalist, maybe it can work for you, too!


This daily bullet journal spread by @kimbeesdesigns  is SO feminine and pretty.

It’s such a masterful use of washi tape. It almost looks too perfect to write in!

Kim uses an entire page for her daily spread and leaves a separate area for her to-do tasks, her notes regarding work, her daily steps, and the day’s menu (which is so helpful if you meal plan and count your steps).

This spread is the perfect example of how you can customize your bullet journal in a way that meets all of your needs.



This spread by@draftedpages  is perfect for those who like to keep things simple. You’ll definitely want to break out your ruler for this one!

The contrast between the black ink and lighter ink adds the perfect amount of detail and makes the daily spread appear more intricate. Use this as inspiration for when you crave something easy-to-do that isn’t boring.




This spread by @plusbizarre is fun and funky! No ruler needed – everything is done freehand.

This is a unique spread in that the bullet journalist included sections for her to-do tasks, things that she needs to focus on, meditate on, and be grateful for.

Love this idea! I think including a gratitude log in your spreads can really boost your mood and shift your energy (I highly recommend doing this, it works wonders!)



This daily spread by@theletterlingo is so innovative. She has a space for her assignments, her trackers, her assignments that are due soon, and a place for her important notes.

She also included a beautiful quote and a picture of the ocean. Beautiful!

It’s the perfect spread for students, but it can be used by working professionals too with a few adjustments. This bullet journalist also clearly has a knack for color coordination – her use of pink, blue and purple is on point.





I can’t get enough of simple, black-ink only spreads like this one from @deskgraphy. They look SO elegant, professional, and organized – it’s a minimalist’s dream.

Plus, it’s perfect for beginners who feel intimidated by all the intricate #bujo images they see online.

This bullet journalist used little more than fancy letters and straight lines to create this daily spread, so it’s definitely doable. You just need a really great pen that hopefully won’t bleed through your pages! (Try using an erasable pen).



This bullet journalist does an incredible job of keeping her daily spread both functional and visually stimulating.

@feebujo lists her to-do tasks and reminders like a bullet list and doesn’t use any lines, except to draw the boxes towards the bottom.

Her design is drawn at the very top of the page and she only uses the first 3 letters of the days, which I think further simplifies the spread. She definitely has a lot to do during the day, so she takes up an entire page. Remember, always do what’s best for you and your schedule on that day!


There you have it – a list of 9 ridiculously amazing daily spreads that should help give you ideas for your bullet journal. That’s what’s so great about the bullet journal community – people love to share their designs in hopes of motivating others!

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