14 Mood Trackers For Your Bullet Journal

A mood tracker is one of the most useful systems you can implement in your bullet journal.

It encourages you to acknowledge your emotions and to reflect on where you can make improvements.

If you’re on a journey to find your happy, you should give a mood tracker a try. I admit I was a little hesitant to include one in my bullet journal, but I’m glad I did.

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Take a look through these mood trackers for inspiration! These bullet journalists have created stunning trackers to track their emotions each day!
Check out these beautiful mood trackers, created by very talented bullet journalists! #bulletjournal #bulletjournalideas
Try tracking your mood in your bullet journal with the help of these beautiful mood trackers! Take inspiration from these talented bullet journalists!
Check out these 14 mood trackers! They're perfect for identifying patterns in your life and are fun to create, too!

Apart from tracking your mood, a mood tracker gives you the opportunity to have some quiet time to yourself at the end of each day.

It’s also an excellent way to see if there are any patterns in your life that are contributing to a particular emotion.

14 Mood Trackers For Your Bullet Journal


Below is a list of 14 beautiful mood trackers that were created by several talented bullet journalists.

You should know, however, that your mood tracker doesn’t need to be extravagant or visually invigorating! If you’re a minimalist – by all means, do what works for you and your schedule!

These are just a few trackers that I find both inspiring and effective.


This mood tracker from @rachelbujo is perfect for Spring and Summer with its various leaves and shades of green. She used a conventional tracker in the shape of a circle and made a column for each day of the month.

She also hand wrote the words “be happy” in the middle of the circle – a wonderful reminder that we have to choose to be happy each and every day.

To achieve a perfectly round tracker, try using a circle maker.



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How cute is this bear mood tracker? So geometrical!

Creating a tracker that’s in the shape of your favorite character or animal definitely helps with mood elevation – it’ll make you happy every time you look at it.

You’ll definitely need a small ruler to create something like this. @b.bulletjournal uses symbols such as a sad face and a happy face to track her mood- cute idea!



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Here’s another mood tracker that’ll have you reaching for your stencil and ruler.

This is an extensive tracker – take note of all the different feelings she includes, such as calm/content, emotional/moody, and frustrated/annoyed.

@rainbowbulletjournal also uses this tracker to track her sleep and daily steps – pretty ingenious!



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Simple and minimal, this tracker by @bujo_nina is for those that don’t like to fuss with extra additives.

A touch of hand-lettering and bright highlighters goes a long way! If you haven’t tried your hand at brush-lettering yet – what’s stopping you?

Handlettering is easier than most people think it is, and it looks so pretty when added to bullet journal spreads.

Click here for a few free simple Youtube tutorials that teach you how to do it!



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How intricate is this mood tracker by @isabelleplans? It’s definitely #goals.

This tracker is for the bullet journalists out there that love to get creative with their spreads and really put in the time to make it look like a work of art.



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Lotus flowers are so calming and ethereal – perfect for a mood tracker!

Sera drew 5 different flowers for the month, which makes for a beautiful image. She assigned a different shade to the following emotions: happy, ok, anxious, low/sad, tired, sickly, and excited/productive.

Take a cue from @seras.bullet.journal and keep track the emotions that you regularly experience.



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This mood tracker by@claudisbujo is one of the most gorgeous trackers I’ve ever seen.

The peacock, with its bright, colorful shades, is stunning. It’ll make a beautiful image at the end of the month!

This kind of elaborate mood tracker can help you wind down and relax at the end of a long day, and it can also serve as a creative outlet. I love that she included such a motivational quote on the left-hand page, too: “Be In Love With Your Life”.



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This mood tracker by @twinklytanya features a geometrical elephant. She included a tear tracker to help track her sad days.

For more information on how Tanya uses this tracker to track her emotions, click here (she talks more in-depth about it on her IG).



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Amanda from @amandarachdoodles is famous for her diamond doodles.

She uses different shades of purple to track her mood – which I’m sure will make for a gorgeous monochromatic look at the end of the month.

She created her mood tracker right next to her habit tracker – an idea I’ll be trying soon as I’m sure it’ll help me keep things more organized.



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This mood tracker by @planningwithkay is bursting with color – it’s such a bright spread!

I love that Kay made this tracker her own by using language that speaks to her: “Life is good fam”, “Got shit done”, and “Bleh”.

This is a prime example of how customizable the bullet journal system is.



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This mood tracker is excellent for bullet journal beginners because of its simplicity and straightforwardness.

Adding clouds to the spread works to lighten the mood – which is a good quality to have in a mood tracker.

Grab a pencil, a ruler, some highlighters, a circle maker, and you’ve got yourself the perfect mood tracker template!



This pastel flower design by @shouthuzzahdoodles is feminine and fresh.

A mood tracker like this will definitely bring out your creative streak at the end of the day.

Sam uses descriptive words like “Healthy”, “Alright”, and “Yucky” to categorize her moods.



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Looking at this mood tracker by @rachelbujo makes you think of love, doesn’t it? It’s perfect for the month of February as you celebrate all the love in your life.

What’s neat about this theme is that you can apply it to any month that has a fun holiday or celebration.

Just think of what you can do during the month of December, for instance – how about adding little tree ornaments for each day? Or little pumpkins for the month of October?!



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This mood tracker by @greenishplanning is different from the rest in that it’s actually a different system that’s taken on a life of its own within the bullet journal community.

The system is called the “Year in Review”.

It’s basically one page that keeps track of your mood for the entire year, so you can forgo having to create a monthly mood tracker.

What do you think? You might find that you like having one page that tracks your entire year rather than using twelve different pages and trackers.



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That wraps up my list of 14 mood trackers for your bullet journal – I hope it helps you! If you’re on the prowl for more spread ideas for your journal, check out these 11 weekly spreads, 9 daily spreads, and 10 monthly spreads.

If you need daily inspiration, I recommend following a few bullet journalists on Instagram – here’s a list of a few accounts I think are worth a follow!

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