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 Such easy styling tips for looking sleek and fashionable in a bell sleeve top or dress!

I love a good bell sleeve top or dress. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to make a fun and bold statement during the colder months of Fall and Winter.  

The extra-flowy sleeves extend well past the wrist in an asymmetrical silhouette that makes dressing up or down a little more exciting. Think of this style as an ode to centuries past (Medieval and Renaissance age!),  and an hommage to as the groovy 1970’s. Feminine, fresh and retro, a bell sleeve top or dress can work for both elegant and casual outfits.


If you’re looking to stand out, a blouse, or dress  with bell sleeves is the perfect choice; they’re both dramatic and romantic. What can be better than that!?! This type of design plays with proportion and volume, so it makes putting together a flattering outfit easy and straightforward; it’s simple, no-fuss dressing. Keep reading for a few tips on how to style a bell sleeve top of dress! 

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Wear a Bell Sleeve Blouse to The Office

It’s easy to feel like you’re in a fashion rut when it comes to office outfits. If you find yourself reaching for the same black-and-white button down tops  and cardigans, spice up your wardrobe a little by giving the bell sleeve trend a try.

A blouse with bell sleeves will add a touch of drama to your ensemble without compromising professionalism.  It also adds creativity to your look and can even makes you appear more confident and in tune with today’s trends! To style this look, simply tuck a bell sleeve blouse into your pencil skirt or these Skinny Cigarette Trousers, and throw on some kitten heels and a necklace!



2. Don’t Over-accessorize a Bell Sleeve Top Or Dress

If you’re like many busy women, mornings tend to be chaotic and rushed. Sometimes accessorizing takes a backseat to more pressing issues like catching your train or grabbing a much-needed cup of coffee before clocking in at work.

While going sans-jewelry is sometimes necessary, it can leave for a less-than-impressive outfit. This is where a bell sleeve blouse will work over time for you: the top’s dramatic design can stand alone without add-ons like jewelry or a scarf. Simply pair the top with a pencil skirt, a-line suede skirt, fitted black pants, trousers or culottes, and throw on a pair of heels. It’s a minimalist approach that lets your blouse take center stage.


3. Bell Sleeve Tops Are a Casual Wardrobe Staple, Too

If you’re thinking that bell sleeve blouses and dresses are best left for the office or elegant affairs, you’re mistaken! This top styles well with casual wardrobe staples like skinny jeans and knee-high boots, or flats for a bohemian-chic outfit. Yes, this means that you can wear this trendy silhouette to your next pumpkin-picking adventure!  (TIP: For a perfectly autumnal outfit, wear your bell sleeve blouse in a Fall color like taupe, camel or burgundy, and pair it with your favorite hat or fedora!)


Style A Bell Sleeve Top with Shorts!

A bell sleeve blouse pairs perfectly with shorts. The top lends volume to fitted denim or fabric shorts like the ones below from Lotus York boutique, which means that you can wear this style all year round. If you’re wearing this ensemble during the Fall and Winter seasons, slip on some tights along with thigh-high or knee-high boots to keep yourself warm. Throw on a cute choker to add touch more drama!     


Bell Sleeve Dresses Make For Charmingly Casual Outfits  

Is there anything more comfortable than a casual, loose-fitting dress? A  flowy dress ranks high on my list of things to wear when I want to feel comfortable, yet still look put-together. A floral dress with long sleeves is also an easy way to achieve a pretty and casual look that is perfect for weekends. This Fall, try looking for a floral pattern in rustic colors like the Navy Bell Sleeve Print Dress below; your dress will pop when paired with autumnal-colored boots like Brinley Co Women’s Zelda Ankle Boot, in Taupe !   



Now that you know a little more about the bell sleeve trend, you can experiment and make the trend work for your own style this season! Take the plunge and try something new; you might discover that you look and feel incredible.