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 These tips are awesome for styling vest outfits and styling long cardigans this Winter! Definitely helpful for easy Winter outfits!

The cold weather has settled in and Winter has forced us all to cover up and reach for anything that’s warm and cozy! I personally love wearing outerwear because of its versatility; it can make even the simplest outfit look chic and polished.

While coats and capes have their place as non-negotiable wardrobe-staples, open cardigans, sweaters and vests are always great layering pieces that add a lot of style to an outfit. Keep on reading for a few tips on how to style these pieces during the coldest days of the year!

  1. Layer Your Jeans With Long Open Cardigans


If you’ve never purchased a long cardigan before, you might just fall in love with one the first time you do. Why? They’re incredibly comfortable and they go pretty well with almost anything. That’s not an exaggeration – a long open cardigan can be thrown over everything from leather leggings, to boyfriend jeans like these from Lucky Brand , to casual dresses or shorts.  This means that you can wear this wardrobe staple when you’re up in the mountains on a cold December day, or while you’re taking an evening stroll along the beach on the 4th of July!

Now THAT’s what I call versatility.

  1. Experiment With Different Patterns and Prints

I love that a long cardigan can hold any print or pattern; it makes styling a lot easier. For instance, notice in the photos below how intricate this cardigan’s print is: it’s a mix of neutral gray tones, fringe, and an aztec pattern, which definitely stands out against the sea of basic black sweaters that are abundant during Fall and Winter. All you have to do is layer it over a simple top and jeans or pants, and you’ve got a chic, weather-appropriate outfit on your hands. Stylish and warm – it’s a win-win!  

Now, to put your personality into your outfit, try choosing a cardigan that features a print you’re drawn to. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to choosing one: just get inspired by your favorite colors and designs; you’ll likely find something you’ll cherish for years to come. (TIP: While cardigans with fun prints should be on your list of things to own during Fall and Winter, remember that a sweater in a neutral tones like the black one below also have their place in your wardrobe; they’ll serve as building blocks for almost every ensemble you can think of!)


3. Top Off A Simple Top With A Vest


How can we go through Fall and Winter without a beautiful faux-fur vest? This staple is actually pretty timeless and adds a real punch to a basic outfit of skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Just throw a vest over your long sleeve shirt and you’ve got yourself a warm outfit that you can wear practically anywhere.

Furthermore, with a vest, you don’t always have to go with a neutral color like ivory or taupe. (I do, however, recommend those shades, as they go with practically everything you own.) However, you don’t have to stick to the basics: try a vest that comes in a different color, such as the one shown below; which comes in a shade called Red Bean: not quite brown, not quite red. The shade is both rich and bold, and would look amazing when you’re apple or pumpkin picking this Fall! : )

I like to pair vests with a sweater or bodycon dress for a casual outfit because it adds volume and texture to the ensemble. See the pictures below for a little outfit inspo!



4. Pair Your Vest With A Statement Necklace


Statement necklaces are must-have accessories that can be the focal point of an entire outfit; they look especially great with a cardigan or vest. Jewelry like this Vintage Statement Necklace can add a pop of color and sparkle that your outfit might be lacking; just take a look below for proof of how perfect these staples go together!

5. Take Some Inspo From Celebrities

For visual inspiration, it never hurts to look at celebrating styling. For example, look at how Elle McPherson styled her long- sleeve dress with tights, knee-high black boots, and a puffer faux fur vest. Her outfit is chic, casual, and weather-appropriate.

The ensemble plays with prints and textures by offsetting her blue print dress with a flowy, loose-fitting fur vest; it’s the perfect combination of volume and proportion. You can take a page from Elle’s book by throwing your vest over your favorite dress, solid or patterned, and throwing on some high-heeled boots and tights for added warmth. Plus, you’ll have an outfit that’s reminiscent of the free-loving days of the 1960’s, which is always fun!

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6. Wear a Faux Fur Vest During Any Season!

Want to know another endearing quality about a faux fur vest? You can wear it during Spring too, not just during the brisk months of Fall and Winter! That makes it an even more enticing wardrobe staple, and a pretty great investment, too.

To transition your outfit from Winter to Spring, simply throw your vest over your skirt or a sleeveless dress, style it with flats or canvas shoes, and you’re good to go! See the photo below for some style guidance.

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Now that you’ve gotten a few examples of how versatile a good cardigan and vest can be, you can start incorporating them into your outfits, rain or shine! Remember that the trick to flawlessly pulling off these staples is to style them with other pieces that compliment them, as opposed to distract from them. Since sweaters and vests tend to be flowy pieces, you can never go wrong with pairing them with more fitted basics like jeans or bodycon dresses!