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 LOVE these DIY coffee wedding favors! My guests loved them the morning after! They're both cute AND useful!!
These DIY coffee wedding favors are beautiful, useful, and unique. Your guests will love them!


Wedding favors – plenty of brides consider them an important part of planning their wedding. I remember slogging through ideas on Pinterest for months leading up to the big day, looking for the perfect wedding favor. I didn’t quite find anything I loved, though.


All I knew was that I wanted our favors to be cute, useful, unique, and inexpensive. I also had a feeling it would involve coffee because my husband and I are both coffee lovers, and our first date was at a coffee shop.

Finally, after a little creative thinking on our part, we decided on something that we loved, and that our guests loved, too.

Keep reading to see how we put it them together!


We Wanted Our Wedding Favors To Be Useful To Our Guests

A lot of brides have told me that many of their guests didn’t take their wedding favors home, so they had spent a lot of time and money on them for nothing.

Let’s face it, most people just don’t want to take home a little knick-knack with someone else’s initials and wedding date on it; it’s just another thing that will collect dust in their home. Instead, guests will appreciate something that they will actually use, even if they use it just once, and then dispose of it that same day.


We Didn’t Want To Spend Too Much Money On Our Wedding Favors

If you want to splurge on expensive wedding favors, then, by all means, do it. However, one thing about wedding favors is that they’re just another expense to add to your ever-growing budget. For our wedding, I figured that if we were going to provide a favor for our guests, it needed to be inexpensive, since we were already spending so much money on everything else.

For example, when we decided that we wanted coffee mugs and ground coffee to be our favors, we opted for paper cups instead of ordering expensive custom-made coffee mugs.

Frankly, I think very few people would want to keep a coffee mug with someone else’s name on it in their cupboard for the rest of their life; a paper coffee cup could serve it’s purpose for your guests, and can then be recycled after use.

We decided to buy cups in the shade of silver because it went with the color scheme of our wedding; they were perfect! I bought them at Party City for a great price ($6.99 for 40 cups, plus Buy 1, Get 1 Free). After we put everything together, they looked like something you could get at a cozy little coffee house. 


DIY Coffee Wedding Favors


Now on to how we assembled our coffee wedding favors:

  • My husband, the little coffee snob, did some research to find these Jasmine Cafe Premium Single Serve Disposable Drip Coffee Filter Bags that you could place over a paper cup to brew a cup of coffee. Apparently, they’re all the rage in Japan.

    All you have to do is place coffee grounds inside the little filter, pour hot water over it, and voila – you have a nice cup of hot coffee! Our guests thought they were ingenious!  


  • We then went out and bought ground coffee to place inside these YIJUE Drawstrings Organza Wedding Favors Bags  that we found on Amazon. I chose them because they have swirls of silver, and I figured that they were the perfect size to hold a small bag filled with ground coffee, as well as a small jar of sugar. I was right, they were perfect!

    • Since I really wanted to include sugar in the favor, we bought these Mini Glass Jars with Cork Stoppers that fit about 1 teaspoon of sugar, which looked SO cute. Thankfully, my mom helped me fill them with the granulated sugar (Warning: the tube is tiny, so you have to funnel the sugar into it, which can be time consuming!) It paid off, however, because it looked darling.


  • Last but not least, we ordered personalized stickers with our names and wedding date on them. I ordered the stickers in gold, which was a beautiful offset to the silver paper cups. I ordered the stickers off Zazzle, and they were the perfect round size.. All I had to do was peel them off and place them in the center of the cups.

  • For the wedding day, I wanted to add a little decor to the wedding favors table, so I bought signs that said “Favors, Please Take One”, and “Coffee: Liquid that smells like fresh ground heaven”. (I bought them both at Hobby Lobby.) 

    I also printed out a copy of a photo that an artist made of my fiance and I at a coffee shop. It was actually a replica of our first date at The Coffee Bean. I thought it was a nice touch : )

All in all, we were happy with how our wedding favors came out, and were even happier that they were cost-effective. Plus, our guests loved them and some of them even told me that they were the best favors they had ever gotten.

Needless to say, I was so happy. I really hope this post inspires you to figure out how to make your own unique wedding favors, or if you love coffee, just steal our idea! : )