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 I love the look for off-shoulder tops and dress; these styling tips are so helpful for looking your best!

No matter what the weather brings forth for us fashionistas, off-the-shoulder tops and dress are always chic and sensual. Plus, they perfectly highlight a part of the woman’s body that is universally flattering: her shoulders and décolletage! Finding a silhouette or color that fits you well is crucial to looking fabulous in your off-shoulder top and dress, so keep reading for tips on how to style off-the-shoulder tops and dresses!


Bodycon Off-Shoulder Dresses Can Be Ultra-Flattering


Few things in fashion are more awe-inspiring than a beautiful off-shoulder bodycon dress that fits perfectly against a woman’s figure. Take the dress below, for instance. You’ll notice that the fit of the dress is not too tight, leaving room for an elegant and sophisticated ensemble.  This off-shoulder design is feminine and fresh and accentuates the rest of the model’s figure in a subtle manner. Also, not only is this soft shade of pink beautiful, but it’s seasonally versatile, too. You can wear this particular dress below for an outdoor event during the Summer with strappy heels and light accessories, or during a holiday evening party with golden heels like these Vince Camuto Heeled Sandal in Copper in place of the usual dark reds and burgundy dresses.

Pink Off-shoulder Dress


Accessorizing An Off-The- Shoulder Dress



You’ll notice in the photos above that the model is wearing a simple bracelet and no necklace or earrings. Her hair is kept simple and is swept back to further highlight her shoulders, while her fingernails add a pop of color against the lighter shade of the dress. You can mimic this look by wearing a delicate bracelet like this Crystal Bracelet in Gold and going sans necklace and earrings; you can wear stud earrings too, like these kate spade new york Stud Earrings, if this look feels too simple for you.


The simplicity of this dress is perfect for styling because it can be styled with statement shoes or with simple nude heels like these Steve Madden Dress Sandal in Natural.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops and Blouses


Off-the-Shoulder tops are one of my favorite fashion staples because they pair perfectly with another favorite fashion staple: the skinny jean! A flowy off-the-shoulder top or blouse adds the perfect amount of volume and proportion to a skinny jean or fitted pant. Also, styling this type of top with simple bottoms lets you highlight a blouse that features a fun print or pattern, without looking like you’re wearing too many trends. Take the blouse below, for instance. Though the blouse is made of a solid print, it does feature a strong shade of silver, but by styling it with an ivory skinny jean, the focus is kept on the blouse’s stunning shade and off-the-shoulder design.


Pair Off-the-Shoulder Tops and Dresses With A Choker

The secret’s out that chokers are back in style and I’m definitely on board. Though chokers may remind you of ‘90’s fashion, they’ve gained popularity over the last few years and they’ve gotten an update, too. You’ll notice in the photo below that this silver off-shoulder blouse from Lotus York boutique is styled with a thin black choker that features a small silver charm; I can’t think of a better accessory for an off-the-shoulder look. A choker, after all, shows off a woman’s beautiful neck and décolletage area in a very chic way. If you’re looking to incorporate two trends into one outfit without looking like a fashion mishap, then this is definitely the way to do it. Simply chose a choker that you like and that complements your outfit. TIP: Take advantage of the choker trend now that’s it back in style; you never know how long a trend will last, after all!

Off-Shoulder Dresses For Evening and Formal Events

If you need further proof that an off-shoulder dress is the perfect choice for your next evening or formal event, look no further that the celebrities below for inspiration.  You’ll notice how elegant yet gorgeous they look in these outfits.  Not only do the dresses they chose to wear fit them perfectly, but they were also careful to wear hair and makeup that complemented their ensemble as opposed to overtaking it.


In the photo below, Stassi Schroeder wears a beautiful white off-the shoulder-dress that fits her perfectly. You’ll notice that she opted to style the dress with a  thick golden choker and gold strappy heels that perfectly offsets the stunning shade of white she’s wearing. You can take a cue from Stassi by pairing your dress with similar golden accessories, like this Rebecca Minkoff Navette Metal Gold Choker Necklace. I think this white dress would look great for all of those fabulous Holiday parties!


Now let’s take a look at the gorgeous Kate Beckingsale! Kate is also wearing a long white off-shoulder dress, but she accessorized it a bit differently than Stassi did. Instead of a statement necklace or choker, Kate wore long, unique earrings that contrast her soft waves. Learn from Kate’s look by opting for earrings like these Riccova Sliced Glass 14k Gold Dangle Earring or Aooaz Copper Earrings and going without a necklace, bracelet, or watch. Also, keep your shoes simple and subdued.

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Now that you’ve read a few tips on how to wear an off-shoulder top and dress, we hope you have fun experimenting with the look! Keep in mind that you can wear this wardrobe staple during any season, even if it’s snowing out (just toss a great coat over it!)