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 Tips for how to feel comfortable in boydcon dresses!

If you’ve ever wanted to wear a bodycon dress in the past, but hesitated because you felt you couldn’t pull it off or feel comfortable in it, you might want to revisit that sentiment.

I’ve got some tips for you that might help, plus a little history about this style, and why it’s a great wardrobe staple to have, especially during Fall and Winter!

The Purpose of the Bodycon Dress

The bodycon dress, short for body-conscious, is a fitted dress that has been around for decades. Though women have worn beautiful fitted dresses for years, the term “bodycon” wasn’t born until the 1980’s, when designers like Azzedine Alaia began designing dresses that tightly hugged the body. This style of dress, above all, was made to emphasize the hourglass curves of the female form. Though the general design of the dress has been updated, it still delivers on its promise to hug our figures.


When fitted and styled tastefully, a good bodycon dress can make for a traffic-stopping outfit. Think of Marilyn Monroe, for instance. You could argue that her career and movie-star status would have been less impactful had she not worn those curve-hugging dresses that incited temptation and envy among audiences across the globe. 

These days, bodycon dresses are seen on lovely film and TV stars such as Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham, and a slew of reality TV stars and supermodels.

But how can you make these dresses more comfortable, so that you can feel more confident while wearing them? I’ve got a few tips for you that can help with just that!

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Below you’ll find some tried-and-true to look and feel great in your bodycon dress. The most important thing to remember is that you should never feel intimidated by this wardrobe staple.

With the right size, undergarments, and accessories, this dress is capable of looking gorgeous on so many different figures. What’s even better is that it can easily transition from season to season – now that’s a good fashion investment!  

                              Tips on How To Style A Bodycon Dress:

1. Choose Your Undergarments Wisely (Support-ware is your friend.)

Some bodycon dresses, particularly when purchased during the colder seasons, will be made of thicker fabrics that do a phenomenal job of holding you in. If the dress is made of thinner fabric or you need a little extra help, however, try wearing your dress over an undergarment specifically made to smooth out bumps (such as this SPANX Higher Power Short or this SPANX Open-Bust Bodysuit). These undergarments will hold in any lumps you don’t want showing through. You’ll most likely feel more confident in your dress with the added support!


2. Try Layering Your Dress

Bodycon dresses look amazing when layered with a blazer like the grey Open Front Bell Sleeve Blazer  shown below. If the dress is a solid color, like this sleeveless burgundy one from Lotus York boutique, try adding some flair by styling it with an open knit cardigan or a denim jacket.

When you’re wearing your dress during the colder months, pair it with a scarf, tights and high-heeled boots. The absolute best thing about layering your bodycon dress during Fall and Winter is that you’ll look weather appropriate and gorgeous! That’s a win-win!   

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3. Choose Dresses With Long Sleeves or Mocknecks/Turtlenecks

Think you can’t wear a dress during Winter? Wrong! Try a turtleneck bodycon dress with long sleeves like the ones shown below. You’ll be giving your jeans and leggings a much-needed break! Plus, you’ll look sophisticated and sexy, too. Style it with tights and high-heel boots for a feminine Winter outfit.

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4. Go Easy on the Jewelry

A bodycon dress is a statement piece that doesn’t need to be paired with loud accessories. Depending on the cut of the neckline, you can opt for a delicate necklace, earrings, or a cocktail ring and bangles. Give the dress the opportunity to stand on its own, and you’ll be glad you did. If you’re afraid of appearing too loud in this outfit, going with minimal accessories is a great way to help you feel more comfortable. For example, I love the beautiful and dainty detail of this Sparkly Rose Gold Statement Ring, and think it would look great with almost any dress.

5Wear a bodycon dress to the office with a blazer

Yes, you can wear a bodycon dress to work! Just as with a pencil skirt, a bodycon dress can make you look polished and professional, as long as you style it appropriately. Make sure your dress is not low-cut, loud, or too short in length. Pair it with a structured blazer like the one shown below from Lotus York, and work-heels like this Steve Madden Dress Sandal.



6. Use This Style To Show Off Your Baby Bump
Are you pregnant? If you want to show off your baby bump, slip on some bodycon. Nothing looks prettier than a fitted dress that proudly hugs that bump!

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After reading through this post, I hope you’re inspired to step outside the box and wear that bodycon dress with confidence! Throw on some cold-weather outerwear essentials, boots, and a scarf, and you’ll be ready to take on the weather come Fall and Winter!