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I'm always left wondering if it's okay to wear black to a wedding. Learn these fashion tips to see how to wear this dark color to any wedding!


Weddings always seem to bring up the inevitable question for wedding guests: can you wear black to a wedding? It’s the age-old question that never seems to have a permanent answer.

After all, fashion rules change just as often as the seasons do, and it can be hard to keep up with style etiquette. Whichever color you do choose to wear on that special day, there is one rule that always stands: you should let the bride have her moment in the spotlight, which means you should wear an outfit that isn’t too loud or distracting. 


Yes, You Can Wear Black To a Wedding!

Now that we’ve established that you should refrain from taking any attention away from the bride with a loud fashion ensemble, we can affirm that yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a black dress to a wedding. Why? Well, black dresses are a fashion staple that are appropriate for special occasions, and for good reason: they’re elegant, sleek, and classic.

You’ll want to make sure, however, that your dress is wedding-appropriate, meaning it’s not ill-fitted, too low-cut, or too short in length.

By wearing black, you’ll look both stunning and wedding-appropriate. Just take a cue from the lovely Princess Diana, for example; she wore this dress twenty-seven years ago and it still looks timeless. You can add a modern twist to an outfit like hers by updating the heels, going sans-tights, and adding a different choker or delicate necklace like this Black Pearl Pendant. Try wearing a dress with a v-neckline and a touch of lace, too, like the one shown below. 


Play Up A Black Dress by Adding Colorful Accessories

If you’re attending an evening wedding reception, a little black dress is the perfect choice, and a pop of color will only enhance your ensemble. Remember, an LBD is the perfect canvas for creating an impressionable yet appropriate outfit; go ahead and add a little color  with statement shoes that feature gold, metallic, or even red! Feeling a little more playful? Go for yellow heels like this Light Yellow Dress Sandal; it’ll add an unexpected touch of glam!

Looking for some visual inspiration? Take a look at the women below. Notice Olivia Palermo’s statement shoes; she styled them with a simple, long-sleeve LBD, and the combination is gorgeous! The heels, which feature an assortment of colors, work exceptionally well with the simplicity of the dress.

A more subdued statement shoe, like the black GUESS Lace-Up Heel below, also works exceptionally well around the Holiday season, and pretty much goes with everything in your closet!

Olivia added more drama to her ensemble with dark sunglasses, a plush handbag, and a scarf that wrapped around her wrist (pretty neat accessory!) Below Olivia, you’ll see that California style queen, Jessica Alba, chose to keep her shoes black, but also made sure they featured an exciting design. While Jessica also chose to go sans-necklace, she added other accessories that highlighted her outfit, including delicate earrings and an elegant clutch.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Black Dresses Don’t Have To Be Boring!

As a wedding guest, you should keep this in mind: wearing black to the event doesn’t necessarily mean you have to done a black dress that features a plain, boring design. Black dresses come in so many designs these days, and you should have fun picking one out!

Some of these LBDs are exquisite because they feature intricate lace, a high necklace, and a mid-calf length; they’re both interesting and fashion-forward, while still remaining elegant. Megan Gales’s sleeveless little number and pulled-back hairstyle is the perfect look for Summer weddings, while Liv Tyler’s long sleeve LBD and loose curls is better suited for Fall or Winter weddings. Wear an elegant clutch like this Dazzling Clutch Bag, shown below, to top off your look!

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

If you’re looking for something unique, try a dress like the ones shown below from Lotus York, that feature a cut-out back design and bodycon fit.


Now that you know black is perfectly acceptable to wear to a wedding, we hope you’ve been inspired by these styling tips as you get ready for wedding season! Remember that a black dress is appropriate all year long, and can be played up with the right accessories. Follow our styling tips and you’ll look like an impeccably-dressed wedding guest!