Browsing through bullet journal spreads on Instagram can get addicting – there are so many unique and beautiful images that it can be overwhelming!

I admit I’ve spent quite a few hours looking at other people’s layouts and spreads for ideas and inspiration. And I’m glad I have – as it’s given me a better understanding of just how much you can actually do with a bullet journal. 

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Stay organized with the help of these weekly bullet journal spreads!

These talented bullet journalists know how to create weekly spreads that keep you organized and kick-start productivity! Check them out for 20 excellent spread ideas.
Stay organized with the help of these weekly bullet journal spreads!
Stay organized with the help of these weekly bullet journal spreads!

I’ve found that the bullet journal community is a generous one that values sharing and the encouragement of others. There’s nothing like it!

So many bullet journalists love sharing their creations and it seems that no matter what your style is, whether you’re a minimalist or an intricate artist, there are layouts that can work for you and help make your bullet journal as effective as possible.

Remember, the purpose of your bullet journal is to keep you organized and focused on your tasks. A weekly spread is an instrumental part of this system because it serves as the “bigger picture” for your week and what you should be concentrating on.

Below I’ve gathered 20 weekly spreads that were created by talented bullet journalists. They’re sure to inspire you and keep you productive for the week ahead!

Whatever your style and organizational needs, I think you’ll find something that will help you, even if you have to make a few changes.

After all, bullet journals are meant to be customizable!

20 Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads That Will Keep You Organized




Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Lauren’s spreads are so feminine and fresh. It’s also pretty easy to re-create. If you’re not good at drawing, you can skip the flowers at the bottom and create your own design using magazine cutouts, motivational stickers, or washi tape. 

Lauren uses all caps for the weekdays and then draws vertical squares beneath the days so that she can write down her tasks and note when they’ve been completed. (This is what I do, too, and I love filling in the boxes once I’m done with the task – it’s a rewarding feeling!)

This floral design is perfect for Spring or Summer! Adjust it for Fall or Winter by adding the appropriate foliage (brown leaves for November or poinsettia in December).



Here’s another gorgeous spread from @mygianthandwriting.

This one features horizontal columns, which leaves plenty of room for your notes. She also included space to write her important to-do tasks, and a tracker for tracking her time spent drawing, her water intake, vegan meals, and junk food consumption.

Love it! The use of a tracker in a weekly spread is a brilliant idea – it helps you stay on track with your goals- especially health-related goals like meal planning!



I think this spread is aesthetic perfection!

Sera uses vertical columns to separate the days of the week and uses delicate falling flowers filled in with lavender/pink highlighter at the bottom of each line. Notice the inspirational quote that she hand-lettered at the bottom of the spread.

Pick a few of your favorite motivational quotes and try including them in your spreads – it really does help productivity by making you feel motivated.

If you haven’t tried hand lettering yet, you should give it a shot- it’s really not as hard as you think. Check out this hand-lettering tutorial  post that’ll have you practicing this art form in no time at all!  For a list of the best brush pens, head over to this list of bullet journal supplies. 



This weekly spread uses multiple pages and is especially useful if you feel like forgoing a daily spread.

There’s plenty of room here to write down your most important tasks, as well as your notable to-dos and a meal plan.

Simple and clean thanks to a smooth pen like the Micron, this is the perfect spread for bullet journal beginners. Follow@dusklovesdawn if you like her style!




This spread only takes up one page, and sometimes that’s all you need. A 6 inch ruler will definitely come in handy when you’re configuring something like this!

Narrow vertical columns are great for adding short, quick notes, which is great if you’re already using a daily spread and don’t need such an extensive weekly.

A meal plan tracker is perfect for planning your menu for the week and it’s always a good idea to include one in your weekly spread if it’s something you want to be diligent about.

Follow Maren @pureplanning_bymj   for similar ideas.




I love the look of this spread – it’s so clean and fresh! Each day gets its own box, and this bullet journalist included an extra box for important reminders and notes.

The days are beautifully hand-lettered with a black brush pen and the leaves add artistic detail that is perfect for Spring and Summer spreads. Follow @journalspiration for more!

If you’re a minimalist, you will love this spread (it’s one of my favorites). All you need is a ruler and a good black pen (I ALWAYS use my erasable pens to write in my journal, just in case I make a mistake or don’t like the spread I created).



Minimalism at its finest! This weekly spread by Helene proves that you don’t have to add too much detail in order for your spread to be striking.

The horizontal columns leave plenty of room to write your weekly goals, appointments, events, and to-dos. The small calendar on the bottom right corner is a nice touch that helps to give perspective on where you’re at in the month.

How beautiful are those leaves, as well as the month written in gold ink? Follow @helenes.journal for similar spreads!



This weekly spread blends artistic talent with organization. This is the kind of spread that lets you run wild with your creativity – and your favorite highlighters!

It’s the kind of spread you create when you’re feeling a need to express yourself and practice your drawing skills. It’s a great way to de-stress and take some personal time to yourself. Bullet journaling can be a hobby, after all!

That’s what’s so great about the bullet journal system: the fact that it’s customizable means that you can do so much more with it than just jot down your notes. Tap into your creativity and include different things in your layouts!

Follow Chloe @studyshrub for similar spreads!



This spread is all about pink!

The pink highlighter is a soft contrast to the black ink and it makes for a really pretty look. There’s plenty of space in this spread to add a water log, gratitude log, important tasks, and appointments.

If you’re in a hurry, this spread will work well for you as it doesn’t require a ruler – just draw the lines free-hand! You’ll need a black pen and you can either skip the highlighter or choose a color that lifts your spirits – like bright yellow! The layout is no-fuss and that’ what’s so great about it – you can complete in just a few minutes. 

@keletters is definitely someone you want to follow if you’re looking for interesting and unique spreads that’ll help with productivity.



Who wouldn’t want a weekly spread full of lemons during Spring and Summer seasons? This yellow spread is so invigorating!

You can adjust this spread to fit any month, season, or Holiday, which is awesome – just think of what you can do for December!

This bullet journalist is obviously a talented drawer, but you can achieve a similar effect with the use of washi tape and planner stickers.

Follow @keletters for more inspiration.



Here’s another feminine spread with pops of pink.

I love that the boxes aren’t drawn out in perfectly straight lines, I think that adds a little depth and texture to the spread.

Thuy left a large space on the left-hand page for her weekly events and I think that’s a great idea, especially if you have several work-related events or appointments that you want to remind yourself about every time you open your bullet journal.

The little floral doodles around the word February are expertly done! Follow @thuys.bujo for more!



Vertical columns and hand-lettering make this bullet journal weekly spread by @KirbyCat really stand out.

The wonderful thing about this spread is that it’s perfect for beginners – just make sure to have your 6 inch ruler handy!

Her hand-lettering is also on point! Notice that the quote at the bottom is written in different fonts – so gorgeous. The little heart doodles are also perfect for February in celebration of Valentine’s Day.




This spread by seras.bullet.journal is neat and tidy and super-conducive to planning an organized week ahead.

Notice her beautiful hand-lettering! She even leaves room in her spread for a food tracker, her to-do tasks, and next week’s goals. I love when a spread includes trackers because it helps to remind you to stay on track with things that are outside of your daily to-do’s.

For instance, including a gratitude log can remind you to stay positive and appreciate the good things in your life.

Similarly, a fitness tracker can push you to actually make good on your promises to go to the gym or getting your workouts in. It also helps you identify any patterns in your life that you should take note of. Follow @seras.bullet.journal for more information.



This lovely monochromatic weekly spread by Gigi combines hand-lettering, shades of blue/grey highlighter, horizontal columns, a motivational quote, a monthly calendar, and separate spaces reserved for a tracker, next week’s goals, and to-do tasks.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-recreate weekly layout, then this is one of your best options. It’s visually appealing and includes space for your daily tasks as a place to keep tracker of things like how much you’ve exercised, how much water you’ve had, etc.

I fully support that idea of including an inspiring quote in any of your spread because I find it can give you that extra push you need to keep going even though you’re exhausted with life. Try it! 

This weekly spread proves that you can create a pretty layout without having to include intricate drawings. 

Follow @the.bullet.journey for more!



Another gorgeous spread by @the.bullet.journey, this one is a little simpler and easy to replicate.

The addition of the word FEARLESS in gold ink at the top definitely ups the motivational factor of this weekly. This spread should be tried by #bujo beginners because of its simplicity!



In this weekly spread, Manon @dutch_dots uses vertical columns to separate the days of the week.

It’s a layout that is great for beginners because it’s so easy to do. She added detail by drawing beautiful orange flowers and green leaves throughout the spread. It’s definitely a weekly spread that makes you think of Spring and Summer!

If you can’t draw, try adding color to your spread with washi tape that has a vibrant design, or with motivational planner stickers. Using your ruler for this type of spread will do wonders for making it appear neat, clean, and very organized. 



I LOVE this weekly! The color scheme is soft and fresh, and her use of stickers is perfect for those of us that aren’t naturally-gifted artists.

Using washing tape and planner stickers, especially ones with reminders or quotes, can add so much to a bland #bujo spread. Manon uses large square boxes for each day of the week and leaves a space on the left page to track her meals and weekly goals.

This spread works perfectly for minimalists as well as those who crave detail. 

Follow @dutch_dots for more!



Here’s a spread for those who love a minimal bullet journal.

This bullet journalist hand letters the name of the month and the week and highlights the dates with a little yellow highlighter. The splash of color makes the spread come alive!

She also includes a motivational quote at the bottom and a rectangular box for any additional notes. Follow Amiza for more spreads like this one: @amizaomar



Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This spread by @thejournaltea is gorgeous! Sabina hand writes the month and days of the week in black ink and includes a small monthly calendar at the top left corner of the spread. She also numbers her to-do tasks, which I think is a cool idea.

If you’re a minimalist, you’ll appreciate this spread. It’s easy to create and all you need is a good black pen, and maybe a ruler if you prefer straight lines. Otherwise, free-hand is fine! If you like your handwriting, handwrite the days of the week. You can also just write the first letter of each day if you want to keep it ultra-minimal. 




Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This spread from @wolkenmeere is absolutely perfect for minimalists who love using black ink in their bullet journals.

I love that she only uses 1 straight line on each page that separates the dates from her notes and to-do tasks.

She added an intricate image of a flower and a hand, which adds a splash of beauty to her weekly spread. Take a cue from this bullet journalist by reserving a spot in your spread for a little bit of art!


There you have it – 20 weekly spreads that can help boost your productivity by keeping you organized and fully prepared for the week ahead. Remember that your bullet journal doesn’t have to look perfect – just as long as it works for you and helps you achieve your goals!