When constructing your bullet journal, weekly spreads can be instrumental in getting you focused and motivated on your weekly tasks. For some bullet journalists, a weekly spread can replace their monthly spread and even their daily spread.

That’s the beauty of the bullet journal – it’s completely customizable and so easy to create! All you have to do is find out what works best for you and your priorities.  

Try using these 11 weekly spreads this year! These bullet jounralists use weekly layouts as ways to stay creative AND productive! #bulletjournalideas #bulletjournalweeklylayout #bulletjournal

Looking for a unique weekly spread? These bullet journalists have the most creative spreads! They're really great for getting a head start on the week ahead.


Looking for a unique weekly spread? These bullet journalists have the most creative spreads! They're really great for getting a head start on the week ahead.
Looking for a unique weekly spread? These bullet journalists have the most creative spreads! They're really great for getting a head start on the week ahead.
Try these weekly spreads from talented bullet journalists if you want to have the most productive week possible!
These incredible weekly spreads will give you all the inspiration and ideas you need to set up your bullet journal!

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Get inspired by these awesome and creative weekly spreads!

Whenever you’re stuck on how to best configure your layouts, it’s always nice to browse Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. There are so many bullet journalists out there that come up with beautiful, unique spreads that can serve as motivation for you.

Just be careful when doing this, however, because it’s easy to feel intimidated by what you see. After all, some people are naturally artistic, while others have trouble drawing lines with a ruler!

Be kind to yourself and take ideas from things that inspire you, and you’ll find it easier to create the bullet journal of your dreams as time passes.


Keep in mind that the main purpose of the bullet journal is to help you stay organized and amped to complete your tasks and goals. Studies have shown that writing down your goals is far more effective than not writing them down.

Now just imagine what you can do if you add a little artistic expression to your planners, like beautiful hand lettering, unique layouts, and detailed doodles!


As we go deeper into the year, why not try out a few different layouts? Check out what these 10 journalists have created!

11 Weekly Spreads for Your Bullet Journal


This weekly spread from @journalbeanie is definitely for the minimalists out there! It’s so simple, and yet still so pretty and visually appealing. Placing the word “joy” at the top lends a great deal of positivity to the page, which is so important in a bullet journal.


Get inspired by these weekly spreads for your bullet journal!



@Cassieops is a phenomenal bullet journalist. Her weekly spreads never want for creativity – it’s plain to see she doesn’t place limitations on herself.

Her 3 weekly spreads below are so different from each other, which proves that you can try various layouts and don’t always have to stick to what you’re comfortable with.  Take a cue from her by experimenting with different spreads every few weeks, or every week if you’re up for it!

Pull inspiration from your mood, and from the things you love (i.e. your favorite colors and highlighters, movies, books, characters, Holidays, quotes, and bullet journalists). You can also add an area for the week’s “Overview” and “Looking Ahead” goals, as Cassie did in the 3rd spread.


Get inspired by this bullet journal weekly spread!





Get inspired by this weekly bullet journal spread



This weekly spread is all about pink and tan! @alliistudies included cutouts of pink photos and pink washi tape to add pops of creativity, and used a soft brown paper to handwrite the days of the week.

Ally doesn’t limit herself to listing her tasks in bullet points, and she gives herself room to write her thoughts down, almost as if she’s writing in full sentences. Plus, the small monthly spread at the top helps to give perspective on where the week fits into your monthly goals.

If you’re looking for monthly spread ideas, check out this post!


@studyingmood’s weekly spread is simple yet functional because it provides plenty of room to write your daily to-dos. Lily’s hand lettering is beautiful and the drawings and doodles at the bottom lend some artistic expression to the spread, along with the red and blue brush marker pens.

This is an excellent spread for all the minimalists out there – you can even forgo all the color if you prefer a black-ink-only bullet journal. If you don’t know how to hand letter yet, check out these super-easy tutorials!




 @adagio.studies makes great use of her purple highlighter in this weekly spread, which is so whimsical!

She didn’t need any l straight lines for this layout, which is refreshing. I love the idea of making space for your events and general to-dos. The hand lettering is also beautifully done, and so is her use of washi tape!


Bull journal weekly spread


@theboostedjournal has a unique weekly spread in that he designated a column for his personal and work commitments, as well as his class, social commitments, daily goals, and productivity goals. Washi tape with an interesting design will always make a simple spread more festive and fun, as demonstrated below!

bullet journal weekly spread




This is another weekly spread that is perfect for those who love to keep their journals clean and minimal. All-black bullet journals look especially professional, and you can always add pops of color and detail with washi tape and little doodles or cut-outs of images or quotes that inspire you.

You’ll want to make sure to use a good black pen that you can write and draw lines with, like a fine point pilot pen.  If you love this spread, visit @lookbullet to view more.



Bull journal weekly spread



@penpapersoul has some of the neatest, most organized bullet journal spreads I’ve ever seen.

I love that she makes room for her priorities as well as her habit tracker – it’s pretty ingenious to include this in your weekly spread. She also makes room for her weekly professional and personal productivity review, which can really help to kickstart the following week.

I think this kind of layout could work for people who like to keep things minimal as well as those who like to break down their weeks with a lot of detail. Make it your own by adding your favorite color, highlighters, washi tape, and drawings. You’ll definitely need your ruler for this one!


Get ideas from this weekly bullet journal spread!


This weekly spread by @pageflutter is great because she makes space for her to-do list and designates an area on the right-hand side of the page where she can write down tasks for her blog and next week’s goals.

This layout is easy to recreate and you can use different pens and highlighters to add your favorite colors to the mix. If you use daily spreads, then this weekly spread will work well for you because it’s only one page, which means you’ll only be writing down general tasks and leaving more expansive notes for your dailies. It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

Get inspired by this weekly spread for your bullet journal!

Now that you’ve made it through this list of 11 weekly spreads, it’s time to create your own! Remember to do what works for you-you’ll only get there by experimenting, so enjoy the process!