If you want your bullet journal to be as effective as possible, you need to show a little TLC to your monthly spread! Why? Well –  because it serves as a reminder of what you have going on that month, what you need to accomplish before the next month, and what major events need to be prepared for. Essentially, your monthly spread serves as the bigger picture.

Sometimes, however, you need a little help figuring out how to create your monthly spreads, especially if you’re a beginner. Remember, your monthly spread should inspire you to keep journaling throughout the next 4 weeks.

Luckily for you (and me!), you won’t ever want for inspiration. With all the gorgeous bullet journal images on Instagram and Pinterest, you’ll have plenty of ideas to pull from. Put in a little work to make your bullet journal look nice, and you’ll keep coming back to it, day after day!

These 10 bullet journal monthly spreads are so inspiring! If you need new ideas on how to create your next monthly spread, and how to beautify your journal, look no further than the creations by these talented bullet journalists!


These monthly spreads are creative yet functional, and so fun to do! Take some inspiration from these bullet journalists!


Try these bullet journal monthly spread ideas to kick-off a productive month!

Need inspiration for your monthly spreads? These 10 bullet journalists have you covered! Stay motivated with these creative spread ideas this year!

Try these 10 monthly spreads to get the most out of your bullet journal this year! These 10 bullet journalists will definitely inspire you to get more creative with your spreads!

Need inspiration? Check out this list of 10 Monthly Spreads to try in 2018! Get inspired by these talented bullet journalists so you can have your most productive year yet!
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Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads

The wonderful thing about a monthly spread is that you can feature a theme for each month, which presents the opportunity to get creative and artistic.Your monthly spread for February, for example, can feature a Valentine’s day theme in which you decorate your monthly spread with hearts and pops of pink and red. For July, you can decorate with the American flag, and for November, you can decorate your spread with pumpkins and autumnal leaves. How fun is that??!

To get your creative juices flowing, I’ve included 10 gorgeous monthly spreads from bullet journalists who are definitely bringing their A game when it comes to keeping themselves beautifully organized.

I have to advise you, however, that you shouldn’t feel intimidated by these spreads. Rather, you should take ideas that you love, and make them your own so that they can fit your unique planning and organizational needs. Everyone who starts a bullet journal starts from scratch, and almost no one begins with Instagram-worthy spreads that took them only 20 minutes to finish.

When you start creating your own themes, think of it as your “me time” and try to enjoy the process! Try different layouts, and pick one that accommodates what your planning needs. I myself like a more traditional calendar set-up, whereas other people might prefer a less conventional layout like some of the ones shown below.

Let’s get started!

10 Inspiring Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads




Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads

@Misfit.Plans shows us an example of a non-conventional monthly calendar and it’s brilliant. The dates are written along waves, (she used washi tape for this! )which looks pretty neat. She used two pages for this unique wave theme and wrote the month and year at the very top. Follow Misfit.Plans on Instagram for more inspiration!



Dan takes a minimalist’s approach to his bullet journal – and that’s something I find inspiring because it keeps things clean, neat, and simple. The spread above is so unique, but yet still so functional and organized. His Instagram profile highlights his journal layouts, which feature black-ink-only spreads. Make sure you have a good, reliable pen for this style, such as the highly-reviewed MicronPilot Fountain Pen, and Faber Castel Artist Pen. Follow @pacificnotation on Instagram for more of these spreads!


This spread above is fantastic because it looks like a traditional Calendar, and it’s also pretty, feminine, and artistic. The lettering is beautiful, and so are the roses that she drew at the top and bottom of the page. Nina wrote the date at the top of each box and highlighted it with a pink art marker. It’s gorgeous, clean, and functional, and definitely worth a try! Follow @bujobeyond on Instagram for more.




If you’re looking for something simple, you’ve got it in this monthly spread. It’s lovely and easy to do, even for bullet journal beginners. Ellen wrote the first letter of the days above the dates, which she then highlighted in pink to help them stand out. She didn’t draw any boxes or any lines, and yet the design is incredibly effective as a monthly spread. The name of the month is at the very top in capital letters, and she included an adorable Valentine’s Day doodle in the middle. Find more on her IG account @youngflovemommy.



This monthly spread is incredible because you have the days of the month on the left page, and on the right page, you have a gratitude calendar where you can write what you’re grateful for every day of the month. This is a brilliant idea for encouraging productivity, staying positive, and reminding yourself that you have plenty of things in your life to be thankful for. It’s wonderful to have your monthly reminders and your gratitude spread alongside each other. You can follow Nicole on Instagram @bujo_blossoms for more awesome layout ideas.



This bullet journal monthly spread is truly remarkable because it includes the days of the month in a beautiful set up on the left page and the right page includes important tasks, goals, next month’s goals and an inspiring quote. She made her spread even more visually appealing by adding a lovely shade of yellow-orange marker on both pages to make them look in sync. Oh, and the lettering is gorgeous, too! You can follow Rhean on Instagram @bulletby_r to see more of her unique designs.




@Pen_studies drew individual, stand-alone boxes for each day and wrote the date at the top left corner of each box, which makes looking at this spread really interesting! She added flair by drawing an intricate flower at the top while including pops of blue and purple across both pages. This monthly spread is definitely another work of art!


December is my favorite month of the year, so I love this festive monthly spread! Jildau from @agirlthatjournals included the perfect December accessories: ornaments and snowflakes! It’s a pretty layout that leaves room for her notes on the right-hand page. It’s perfectly decorative while also leaving plenty of room for your most important tasks and reminders.



How beautiful is this monthly spread? I can just stare at it all day long! Elisa obviously is a very talented artist and she captured Winter so perfectly! She wrote out the days of the month at the very top and then drew 5 rows of boxes across both pages. She then wrote the name of the month on the left-hand side and made it stand out by adding the color red. So inspiring! Follow Elisa on Instagram @mydearsputnik.


Kimmy’s monthly spread is breathtaking! She took inspiration from London and added pops of blue, pink, and purple. Her layout is truly unique, artistic, and functional. I love that she wrote all of the dates along one line, and only included her most important reminders beneath the dates. It’s a combination of minimalist meets artist! Follow @bumblebujo for more inspiration!