When you start your first bullet journal, you might feel a little lost trying to figure out what your journaling style is.

Even if you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s easy to fall into a slump if you don’t get that extra boost of motivation you need to stick to your journal.

This is when you should be jumping on Instagram to sift through the endless #bujo images that other bullet journalists have created.

The best thing you can do for yourself during a slump is to look at what other bullet journalists have done because you never know what spread, theme, or tracker might speak to you. After all, you’ll need plenty of inspiration for your monthly, weekly, and daily spreads!

Follow these #bujo instagram accounts if you need some inspiration for your bullet journal!


Follow these bullet journalists for spreads ideas that will help you stay motivated and organized! Follow these bullet journalists for spreads ideas that will help you stay motivated and organized! Follow these Instagram profiles for an extra dose of inspiration for your bullet journal spreads!


Follow these bullet journalists for spreads ideas that will help you stay motivated and organized!
Follow these awesome and creative Instagram accounts if you're looking for some inspiration for your bullet journal!

Whether you love a bullet journal that’s filled with calligraphy, watercolors, geometric lines, magazine cut-outs, or black-ink-only simplicity, this list has you covered!

The following 10 Instagram accounts all contain posts that can’t help but inspire and motivate its followers. Let’s get started!

10 Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


1. @pacificnotation 

Dan’s Instagram profile is full of gorgeous black-and-white bullet journal spreads.

His account is a minimalist’s dream! Look to him for easy-to-do, striking layouts. He’s an artist who knows how to put those Micron Ink Pens  to good use.

Bullet Journal Instagram Account to Follow


2. @bluelahe

Yu is great at hand-lettering and shading, and she uses her Mildliner highlighters like a master! Follow her Instagram account for ideas on how you can perk up your bullet journal spreads with a little help from highlighters.

Bullet Journal Instagram Account to Follow


3. @cassieops

Cassie’s #bujo images are inspirational, pretty, and full of little doodles.

You’ll never get bored of her posts – her profile is a must-follow for minimalists and those who are looking to boost their productivity with well-organized and attractive spreads

Bullet Journal Instagram Account to Follow


4. @mylittlejournalblog

Sara has is such a feminine and fresh Instagram account.

Her spreads are bursting with soft colors, flowers, and calligraphy, as well as really pretty backgrounds and bullet journal supplies.

She’ll quickly become one of your favorites, especially when you need a dose of motivation to keep journaling. Plus, she posts videos, too. Her descriptions are in Spanish, but that’s ok – the images are enough to get your creative juices flowing.

Bullet Journal Instagram Account to Follow


5. @misfit.plans

If you’re looking for a bullet journalist who knows how to maximize the effect of washi tape and watercolors, you’ve found it in @misfit.plans.

So many of her spreads and images look entirely unique from each other – she never limits her creativity to one theme, color, layout, or mood. She’s a true artist and someone who will inspire you, day after day.


Bullet Journal Instagram Account to Follow


6. @abulletandsomelines

If you love using your ruler, are a fan of geometric shapes, and prefer a vertical spread, then @abulletandsomelines is an account you should be following.

You’ll find many different layout ideas, and as long as you have your ruler and a black pen, you should be able to replicate what you see here! You’ll also find some pretty neat hand-lettering, too.

Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts


7. @alliistudies

Ally is another bullet journal master!

Her talent shines through her use of brush lettering and calligraphy, watercolor painting, washi tape, and her use of cut-out images to beautify her spreads.

What’s great about her journaling style is that it’s not that hard to apply to your own style. She uses cut-out images and tapes them to her pages to add artistic value – that’s easy enough to try, and it’s also an excellent way to add a vision board in your journal.

Bullet Journal Instagram Account to Follow


Vanessa is so great at maximizing the space in her spreads – she’s not afraid to use the entire page, and yet all of her spreads still look neat and creative.

She uses highlighters to add color and it always looks perfectly placed – it’s definitely an attainable way to decorate your bullet journal. Her hand-lettering is also on-point and makes looking through her Instagram account a pleasant experience.

Follow her for interesting layout ideas that even beginners can do with a bit of practice.

Bullet Journal Instagram Account to Follow


This is another awesome Instagram account to follow if you love the minimalist look and black-ink-only spreads. If you’re a minimalist, add this account to your list of profiles to follow. You’ll find lots of different, unique layout ideas from Sandy.

Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts to Follow


@bullet.journals is worth a follow because the account highlights so many other great bullet journal accounts and you’re bound to come across few new profiles that you’ll love!

That concludes my list of 10 Instagram bullet journal accounts to follow. I think there’s something here for everyone! Try to get inspired by these bullet journalists instead of feeling intimidated because your spreads don’t look like theirs.

We’re all on our own journey to find what works for us, and no one ever creates the perfect bullet journal spread on their first try! Be patient, learn from others, and you’ll get to where you need to be.